Social Accountability And Community Engagement 


The Project Team held several engagements with leaders and communities along roads and drainage construction sites. The Project prepared and shared an update of ongoing works to assure communities of continuity of works during this COVID 19 era, as well as resolve complaints from communities due to ongoing construction work. 

Social Accountability: The team held 16 feedback meetings in all batch 2 road sites to address and resolve issues impacting communities as a result of ongoing road construction. These civic engagements were avenues for communities to participate in and shape outcomes of roads constructed in their neighbourhood.  A total of 480 people attended these meetings, mainly grievance redress committees, local leaders and residents.

Neighbourhood social media platforms too were largely used in Kulambiro, and Acacia to voice concerns regarding ongoing works and these were elevated to KIIDP for action. This avenue provided real-time feedback and was used by our team to share relevant information.


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