Program on integrated local finances for sustainable urban development

The Program on Integrated Local Finances for Sustainable Urban Development  (PIFUD) in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA) is an initiative that  aims at supporting the implementation of KCCA and Greater Kampala Metropolitan Areas’ existing strategies and programs on municipal finance, innovation and integrated urban development, as well as fostering linkages with line ministries and the overall urban policy in Uganda through urban policy dialogues, urban plans, economic development plans, etc.

PIFUD is a four-year, collaborative initiative funded by the European Union implemented by KCCA, FMDV (Global fund for cities development) and GKMA municipalities. The program builds on KCCA’s experiences and successes in the areas of own resource revenue mobilization, climate change responses and innovative approaches to sustainable urban development (SDG 11). KCCA is recognized as a front runner in acting on climate change (SDG 13) issues and mobilizing local actors and working in partnership (SDG 17). KCCA also recognizes that addressing urban challenges in Kampala requires a metropolitan approach through effective collaboration of all actors and sharing experiences.

The PIFUD provides a platform and excellent opportunities for this cooperation and will address ongoing challenges in a systemic way: from policy dialogue level to capacity building (SDG 16), to fostering a culture of working together to find affordable, smart and sustainable solutions for low carbon energy (SDG 7) and make demonstrative investment activities (City Labs) and disseminate the lessons learned to other cities.

The program focuses on 3 key outcomes:

  1. Regulatory reforms to allow sub nationals in the GKMA to access Capital markets to finance the much needed infrastructure.
  2. Enhancing own source revenues through innovation and automation of local revenue management systems.
  3. Innovation and smart solutions for low carbon energy adoption.

PIFUD is also a demonstration of the solidarity that leverages  city networks and the peer-to-peer learning. Throughout the project, several events will be organized in the framework of decentralized cooperation to support knowledge exchange and capacity building between KCCA, GKMA secondary cities, the City of Johannesburg, the city of Paris among other cities in Africa and Europe.

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