PRESS STATEMENT: KCCA moving to improve the plight of Migrants

PUBLISHED — 10th, April 2018

As Uganda, grapples with an influx of refugees, escaping violence, war and civil strife in surrounding countries, thousands of these end up in Kampala. Any addition to Kampala’s already 1.5 million residents puts a strain to the city’s infrastructure and services.

KCCA deemed it crucial to devise a comprehensive strategic response to address displacement, migration and resettlement as this affects the effective delivery of services to city dwellers.

In line with the above, KCCA has prepared a multi-pronged strategy to respond to Kampala’s growing migrant population.

Dubbed “Strategic Response to Displacement, Migration and Resettlement”, the report seeks to address the needs of new city migrants, guided by a UN global Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework.

“Uganda is among the top host countries for Refugees and Kampala as the Capital City experiences these growing numbers. We have to provide services at our health centers and many other services in the city and this calls for coordinated planning in attending to the pressing needs of the people,” says Dr. Jennifer Musisi KCCA’s Executive Director.

In this regard, KCCA is collaborating with the International Community to respond to this crisis.  A dialogue is scheduled for mid-April 2018, with Ambassadors; Heads of UN agencies; Heads of International Organizations; technical officers from relevant Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies; and members of the private sector. The focus of this high-level dialogue is to:

  • Link humanitarian programming to long-term development goals of the city;
  • Strengthen coordination, sustainability, and impact of multi-stakeholder responses to urban displacement;
  • Understand the needs and preferences of urban displaced persons; and
  • Ensure that displaced and marginalized residents are included in public services.

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