Notice of Expression of Interest for the procurement of Consultancy services (Firms) to Conduct a study on integrating systems of Hotel facilities in Kampala with the eCitie system

PUBLISHED — 6th, May 2021

Procurement Reference number – KCCA/CONS/2020-2021/00500

  1. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) received funds from the European Union (EU) budget support to the implementation of the Accountability Sector Strategic Investment Plan (ASSIP) executed through the Justice and Accountability Sector Reform contract to be used for the acquisition of the consultancy services described below.
  2. Kampala Capital City Authority now invites eligible firms to submit sealed expressions of interest for “Consultancy services (Firms) to Conduct a study on integrating systems of Hotel facilities in Kampala with the eCitie system. The overall objective of the assignment is to provide a guide on whether or not it is possible and feasible to integrate hotel/ lodges management systems to the KCCA revenue administration systems, and if so, how best that integration can be achieved/ done.”
    The study will cover the Local Government Hotel tax paid by occupants of Lodges, hotels, guesthouses, motels, Inns, in respect of accommodation services provided by those facilities. The specific tasks to be undertaken will include but not limited to:
    1. Facilitating a discussion and agreement with the technical team on the definition of system integration and the methodology for undertaking the study;
    2. Reviewing relevant documents and reports to understand the area of study better;
    3. Widely consulting the key sector stakeholders to ensure full coverage and understanding of their perspectives on the system integration;
    4. Analyzing the data collected from the various institutions and agencies and developing evidence-based findings, conclusions and recommendations on the interventions to be undertaken for integration;
    5. Facilitating consultative, validation and technical review workshops with KCCA to discuss and agree on the findings, conclusions and recommendations; 
    6. Preparing and presenting the draft and final Study Reports
  3. The shortlisting criteria shall include; experience and qualifications of the consultant, as well as the capacity to provide the consultancy services. These shall include:

    Availability of appropriate skills/expertise among the consultant’s staff including;

    1. Experience
      1. A good track record in undertaking studies of this nature and providing practical recommendations and roadmaps to their implementation.
      2. At least four (4) similar assignments concluded successfully
    2. Qualifications
      1. A Valid certificate of registration issued by the Authority (PPDA) for Consultants currently registered with the Authority or a copy of the Consultant’s Valid Trading license (2021) or equivalent and a copy of the Consultant’s Certificate of Registration or equivalent for bidders not currently registered with the Authority;
      2. Evidence of fulfilment of obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions in Uganda 
    3. Capacity
    1. IT expert ;
    2. Institutional Development/Governance Expert;
    3. Tax/Revenue Mobilization Expert; and
    4. Local Government expert.
       Individual experts’ bio-data is not required at this stage.
  4. Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. The type of association whether a joint venture or a sub-consultancy, where applicable, must be clearly indicated in the Expression of Interest.
  5. Interested eligible consultants (Firms) may obtain further information at the address given below from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm on working days excluding public holidays
  6. The Expression of interest shall be submitted using the one-stage single envelope method.
  7. Sealed Expressions of Interest must be delivered to the address below at or before

    Time: 12:00 Noon (Kampala Local Time)

    Date:  Monday 26th May, 2021

    Address: The Procurement and Disposal Unit

                    Kampala Capital City Authority

                     Plot 1 – 3 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road

                     City Hall, Room B112

                     Country: Uganda

    NB. The selection shall take into account reference letters, completion certificates/contract copies of clientele to support the claims of previous experience

  8. The planned Procurement schedule (Subject to changes) is as follows:



a. Publication of Notice of Expression of Interest

Thursday 6th May, 2021

b. Closing date for receipt of Expression of Interest

Wednesday 26th May, 2021 @ 12:00 Noon

c. Evaluation of Expressions of Interest

From 26th May, 2021 to 10th June 2021

d. Notification to Consultants

18th June 2021


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