PUBLISHED — 20th, May 2024

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) enforcement officers convened at City Hall on Monday for a strategic bazaar aimed at addressing various operational challenges, improving trade order in the city, and mitigating noise pollution.

The meeting also served as a platform to review recent enforcement trainings and discuss ways to enhance the officers' effectiveness in their roles.

The Director of Legal Affairs, Frank Rusa, lauded the enforcement officers for their dedication and patriotism, particularly in the face of dangerous working conditions.

"I am very impressed with this bazaar," Rusa remarked. "It is very healthy to have this kind of conversation with you as frontline workers. Your diligence and patriotism in performing your duties are commendable."

Rusa emphasized the importance of patriotism and urged the officers to continue serving with integrity and commitment.

He also commended the Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka for organizing recent enforcement training sessions in Kyankwanzi, which have been pivotal in equipping the officers with necessary skills and knowledge.

Rosette Natumanya, the Deputy Director of Human Resources, also addressed the gathering. She encouraged the officers to maintain diligence and treat the public humanely.

Natumanya highlighted the importance of supporting government programs aimed at delivering quality services and ensuring trade order in the city.

"We are committed to improving your training and building your capacity," Natumanya stated. "Reskilling is essential for our growth, and we have recently trained officers in financial literacy to enhance their efficiency."

Natumanya also stressed the need for adequate protective wear for enforcement officers, ensuring their safety as they perform their duties.

The bazaar concluded with a renewed commitment from KCCA management to support and reskill the enforcement team, ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of maintaining order and facilitating the smooth running of the city.

The enforcement team also pledged to deliver their work with patriotism, adhering to the high standards and values of KCCA

This strategic meeting underscores KCCA's dedication to improving operational standards and enhancing the welfare of their enforcement officers, reaffirming their role in the seamless management of Kampala.

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