PUBLISHED — 18th, May 2024

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka, along with Deputy Executive Director David Luyimbazi, conducted an inspection today of ongoing traffic improvement projects aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the city.

The inspection centered on critical sites at the Mulago Roundabout and Kubiri which are part of the Kampala Smart Traffic Project.

The project scope includes signalizing 27 junctions and removing five major roundabouts—specifically at Rwenzori Courts, Grand Imperial, Mulago, Mulago Mortuary, and Kubiri.

Kisaka emphasized the urgency of timely project completion and maintaining a clean working environment. 

She urged contractors to promptly remove waste, extend working hours, and standardize the size of culverts to expedite the project.

Another key feature of this project is the establishment of a Traffic Control Center, utilizing the Japanese Traffic Control System known as MODERATO.

The center is being constructed at City Hall and is nearing completion.

Despite recognizing the project's complexity, Kisaka criticized the slow pace of execution.

"I am not satisfied with this work; the pace is slow, it is taking too long". Kisaka said.

She highlighted the unacceptable accumulation of debris at the sites. "They are piling debris, and we don't want it. Sanitation must be observed, and debris must be removed immediately," she stated firmly.

This UGX 78 billion Government of Uganda project  is one of the deliverables promised in the NRM Manifesto (2021-2026) and is scheduled for completion by April 2025. 

"Our contractors have been given money by the government. We want to finish all this work even before that time," Kisaka concluded, underscoring the urgency and importance of the project for Kampala's traffic management and urban development.

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