PUBLISHED — 6th, May 2024

Kampala City has embarked on a determined effort to tackle its air quality issues as it observes Air Quality Awareness Week under the theme "I Pledge."

The initiative aims to rally institutions and individuals to commit to actions that reverse the alarming trend of air pollution in the city.

During the official launch at the Media Center on Monday, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) was represented by Deputy Executive Director Engineer David Luyimbazi. Luyimbazi emphasized KCCA's focus on raising awareness about air quality issues and motivating people to take concrete steps to address them.

"As a rapidly growing city, this air quality awareness week provides us an opportunity for our people to learn about the sources of air pollution and how to respond to events with air pollution," Luyimbazi said.

One of KCCA's notable actions is the installation of 25 air quality monitors across the city, providing evidence-based data on the extent of air pollution. The city boasts of over 100 such monitors, marking a significant stride in evidence-guided air quality management.

"We are harnessing technology to combat air pollution," Luyimbazi said

Furthermore, KCCA has developed Kampala's first-ever Clean Air Action Plan, outlining strategic measures to mitigate pollution.

Plans are also in motion to expand air quality monitoring to areas currently not covered, indicating a comprehensive approach to tackling the issue.

In addition to monitoring and planning, KCCA has prioritized infrastructure development for active transport, such as cycling lanes, promoting not only cleaner air but also healthier lifestyles among residents.

"Our teams have organized cycling days to raise awareness, and we continue to improve our road network to accommodate active transport," Luyimbazi highlighted.

Despite these commendable efforts, challenges persist, with pollution levels still exceeding WHO-recommended guidelines by approximately five times.

This underscores the ongoing urgency for collective action and sustained commitment to improving air quality in Kampala City.

As Air Quality Awareness Week progresses, stakeholders are encouraged to pledge their support and take proactive steps towards a cleaner and healthier environment for all residents.

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