PUBLISHED — 5th, April 2024

Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), has rallied city residents to actively participate in the ongoing yellow fever vaccination campaign.

On Friday, Kisaka toured various vaccination sites in Kampala aimed at assessing the progress and encouraging city dwellers to embrace the immunization campaign.

Kisaka's personal involvement in overseeing the vaccination efforts was evident as she toured Komamboga Health Center III and Kawala Health Center IV, both part of the extensive network of over 15 vaccination sites established across the city.

Kisaka, during her visits, emphasized the critical importance of timely immunization, stressing that the yellow fever vaccine offers lifelong protection against the disease.

The Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign, spanning 53 districts throughout Uganda, has seen a favorable response in Kampala. This campaign, which began on April 2nd, will extend until April 8th.

Kisaka urged Kampala residents to seize the opportunity and get vaccinated, stating, "The exercise in Kampala is going well in all our five divisions. I appeal to all people to go for yellow fever vaccination. Don’t delay; go and get your jab."

The campaign has witnessed a positive turnout in Kampala, with Dr. Annet Kisakye from the World Health Organization (WHO) Uganda commending the efforts of stakeholders in driving the campaign forward and encouraging participation among city dwellers.

Previously, the yellow fever vaccine was predominantly available through private health providers at a cost, mainly targeting travelers.

However, the ongoing mass immunization effort ensures free access to the vaccine for all citizens aged between 1 and 60 years, excluding pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and individuals allergic to eggs.

Citizens are encouraged to visit their nearest government health facility or designated vaccination points for a free jab.​

Story By Geoffrey Mutegeki Araali

Communication and Media Relations Officer

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