PUBLISHED — 2nd, April 2024

The mass yellow fever vaccination campaign has commenced in Kampala, with Mayor of Kawempe Division His Worship Emmanuel Sserunjoji leading the charge to rally locals to embrace the drive.

Sserunjoji set an example by being among the first individuals to receive the yellow fever vaccine during the launch held at the Kawempe Division headquarters on Tuesday.

The nationwide Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign, running from today until April 8, 2024, will cover 53 districts across Uganda.

"I encourage all of you to get vaccinated against Yellow Fever if you have not been vaccinated before," Sserunjoji said.

The vaccination exercise has seen a positive response from city dwellers, who are actively visiting various vaccination sites to get vaccinated against yellow fever.

Sserunjoji, in his address, urged everyone who hasn't been vaccinated before to take advantage of this opportunity.

Dr. Annet Kisakye from the World Health Organization (WHO) Uganda praised the efforts of politicians in spearheading the campaign and encouraging city dwellers to participate in the vaccination drive.

"This vaccine will provide you with lifetime protection against Yellow Fever," remarked Kisakye, underlining the long-term benefits of vaccination.

Importantly, the yellow fever vaccine is being provided free of charge and is accessible to all individuals aged between 1 and 60 years.

However, pregnant women and individuals allergic to eggs are advised against receiving the vaccine.

Previously, the yellow fever vaccine was only available through private health providers at a cost, mainly targeting travelers.

Now, it is accessible to all citizens free of charge during this mass immunization exercise, providing lifetime protection against yellow fever.

This vaccination effort is a significant step towards achieving a higher population immunity against yellow fever.

Uganda had previously planned phased implementation of Yellow Fever Preventive Mass Vaccination Campaigns (PMVC) in 2023 and 2024 to effectively combat the disease.

Citizens are encouraged to visit their nearest government health facility or designated vaccination points between April 2nd and April 8th to receive the vaccine.

Story By Geoffrey Mutegeki Araali

Communication and Media Relations Officer

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