PUBLISHED — 12th, February 2024

The KCCA Valuation Court, chaired by Samuel Muyizzi, convened a significant session at Okuvu Church in Mbuya Nakawa Division on Monday, aimed at addressing property tax concerns and fostering community engagement. The sessions will go till Thursday.

Muyizzi expressed gratitude to the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago for initiatives that bring the court closer to the people, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and community engagement.

During the session, Muyizzi emphasized the importance of adherence to legal procedures, highlighting the requirement for individuals to petition within 30 days after being levied.

However, he acknowledged instances where individuals were unable to meet this deadline and emphasized the court's commitment to inclusivity and fairness, avoiding the exclusion of those who missed the timeframe.

Muyizzi attributed this approach to the advice of the Executive Director (ED) Dorothy Kisaka, who emphasized the application of common law and equity when interacting with the community.

He expressed gratitude to the ED and her team for their support in facilitating the court's activities.

Recognizing the significance of property tax in community development, Muyizzi reiterated the court's role as a vital link in the chain, underscoring the importance of sensitization efforts to ensure community members understand the implications of property tax decisions.

The Valuation Court, functioning with powers akin to a Magistrate's court, specializes in resolving property tax issues within the division.

Its responsibilities include conducting property valuations, reviewing property values upon request, and ruling on tax exemptions. Of particular importance is its authority to reassess property rates based on valid arguments presented by complainants, ensuring equitable taxation.

Godfrey Luyombya, Speaker of Nakawa Division, and Charles Mpindi, Councilor, were also present at the session, reflecting the collaborative efforts of local authorities to address community concerns.

The Valuation Court's commitment to transparency and fairness in property tax matters underscores its pivotal role in promoting equitable taxation practices and fostering community participation in governance processes.


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