PUBLISHED — 29th, May 2023

On a vibrant Sunday, May 28, the city of Kampala was ablaze with energy as a sea of runners, spanning generations and backgrounds, came together for the highly anticipated Absa KH3-7 Hills Run.

This extraordinary event, held in collaboration with the Kampala Hash House Harriers, aimed to empower young girls, foster physical fitness, and forge a stronger, more united community.

Drawing over 2,500 enthusiastic participants, including individuals and corporate teams, the run became a symbol of determination as runners set out to conquer Kampala's iconic seven hills.

The event's significance was underscored by the presence of Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), who flagged off the run alongside Michael Segwaya, Executive Director and Chief Finance Officer of Absa Bank Uganda, and Leonard Mugizi, the Hash Mash of the Kampala Hash House Harriers. Together, they exemplified the unity and resolve of the community.

Kisaka, serving as the chief runner, commended Absa Bank Uganda for their unwavering focus on empowering young girls and their commendable commitment to making a positive difference in Kampala.

She eloquently highlighted the historical and cultural significance of the city's seven hills, which have witnessed Kampala's rich heritage unfold. Kisaka also acknowledged the 79 schools under the jurisdiction of the KCCA, emphasizing the importance of support for over 2,000 girls in need.

In his address to the participants, Segwaya expressed heartfelt appreciation for their involvement and emphasized Absa Bank Uganda's dedication to empowering teenage mothers.

The proceeds generated by the run would be directed towards programs designed to provide skills training, enabling these mothers to attain self-sufficiency and establish income-generating activities. Furthermore, efforts would be made to enhance menstrual hygiene management, reduce school absenteeism, and tackle the persistently high dropout rates among girls in Uganda.

Mugizi, speaking on behalf of the Kampala Hash House Harriers, commended the run for aligning with the club's initiatives to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles while creating a tangible positive impact on Uganda as a whole.

The Absa KH3-7 Hills Run was a resounding testament to the resilience and determination of its participants, underscoring the spirit of unity and support that defines the community. By harnessing the power of sports, music, and corporate social responsibility, the event aimed to empower young girls, strengthen the community's fabric, and forge a brighter future for all.

As the runners conquered each of the seven hills, they were rewarded with a special ribbon, symbolizing their remarkable achievement. There were two categories, 21 kilometers and 6 kilometers.

Crossing the finish line, participants for 21-kilometer category were each bestowed with a well-deserved medal, a tangible representation of their triumph over the physical and mental challenges encountered throughout the run.

The success of the Absa KH3-7 Hills Run stands as a testament to the collective efforts and unwavering dedication of all involved. It marks a crucial milestone in the journey towards building an inclusive society, where every girl has the opportunity to thrive, and where the community stands united, offering unwavering support for one another.

Through events like these, Kampala shines as an inspiring example to the world, demonstrating the transformative power of sports and community engagement in effecting positive change.

The day drew to a memorable close with an electrifying performance by music divas Sheebah and Vinka, whose captivating show entertained and energized the crowd, providing a fitting end to an extraordinary event.

As memories of the Absa KH3-7 Hills Run linger, its legacy will continue to empower and uplift communities, creating a transformative impact on the lives of young girls throughout Uganda.

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