PUBLISHED — 6th, May 2022

When we imagine future cities in pictures or movies, they’re often cleaner and smart. The cleanliness in our imaginations is achievable in Kampala.

That is why at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) under the leadership of the Executive Director we have embarked on making Kampala a clean and Smart city.

At the moment, there is Zero tolerance to littering, desilting and constructing drainages, planting trees and sensitizing masses on proper disposal of garbage among others.

However, this calls for everybody’s input for the dream city we want to be achieved. We need the active support of city residents, visitors and businesses to help keep our city clean.

On Friday, a youth-led group, took up the cleaning tools and embarked on cleaning, and desilting drainage on the Northern By-Pass section between Busega and Bwaise.

At least 500 youth from 7 Hills, took up the initiative with support from KCCA.

Menton Salim the coordinator of 7 Hills says as youth they want to ensure they add a brick on the initiative to make Kampala a Smart City.

“All blocked drains are going to be unclogged, the drains that have been narrowed will be widened so that water can flow,” Salim says.

The group will also be cleaning Kubiri, Mulago round-about and Kavule.

Cleanliness of surrounding is very important as a hygienic environment provides us good health.

Without proper cleanliness we will be exposed to various diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning and skin infection.

The youth also went on sensitizing the locals living along the cleaned areas about proper disposal of waste.

“We are going to periodically maintain the roads. This stretch between Busega and Bwaise is the entrance to our city but there is poor garbage management and the picture is bad to the visitors,” Salim says.

He asked Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to support them beautify the road.



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