Statement on public transport in Kampala

PUBLISHED — 18th, June 2020

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On Friday 5th June 2020, Kampala Capital City Authority and the Ministry of Works & Transport and Uganda Revenue Authority on behalf of Government of Uganda commenced an important exercise to regulate public transport in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA).

This followed a Cabinet Directive to build an updated database of all Passenger Service Vehicles to ensure that all vehicles on the roads have all the requirements in accordance with the existing laws and regulations as well ensure that the drivers have valid driving permits for that class of vehicles.

By the 16th June 2020, KCCA had registered and allocated Route Numbers 13,301 PSVs while the Ministry of Works and Transport had issued 10,472 Route Charts.

The registration exercise for PSVs in GKMA has been a great success with almost all the estimated taxis that have been operating in the city having acquired route numbers and charts.

In light of the fact that most PSVs have been registered, the registration center at Old Kampala SS will close on 18th June 2020 the exercise shall continue at Kitante PS until and at the KCCA offices.

We remind drivers and Taxi Owners to utilize these remaining days to get their vehicles registered and issued with Route Number.


The following are the requirements:

  1. Registration of PSVs and Drivers will continue at Kitante Primary School up to 19th June 2020.
  2. The registration will be based on Taxi Parks of operation.
  3. Two members from Stage Leadership and a member from the Taxi Associations will be represented at the registration points.
  4. Requirements include:
    • A copy of the motor vehicle logbook
    • Owner’s National Identification Card
    • Driver’s Driving Permit and National ID
    • An application for a Route
  5. Applicants shall maintain their most recent route of operation.
  6. Applicants shall get a temporary route chart issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport after verification of the PSV licence and Driving Permit details for each vehicle.


KCCA has a complaint’s Desk at its Headquarters.

Government will meet with all stakeholders to harmonize the public transport operations and explain the necessary steps that are required to formalize the industry. The focus will now be mainly on branding of GKMA PSV, operationalization of digital platforms and introduction of cashless fare payment systems.

Above all, the Ministries of Works and Transport and Security shall organize the leadership for the industry which will go a long way in jointly transforming the industry for the good of the City and the country at large. 


Boda Bodas

Government is in the process of reforming the the Boda Boda Industry and this will entail gazetting of Boda Boda stages in the City and creation of a Boda Boda Free zone in the Central Business District. Gazetting of stages and their resumption of Boda Boda passenger services will be communicated in due course.

For the time being, Boda Bodas will continue to carry luggage and maintain the curfew time as per the Presidential Directive.

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