PUBLISHED — 5th, June 2020


Following the resumption of Public transport on 4th June 2020 as per the guidance from H.E the President, Kampala Capital City Authority together with Kampala Metropolitan Police and the Leadership of Taxi Industry agreed on a number of measures to ensure a smooth registration of PSV and issuance of Route Numbers.

The following were agreed upon:

1.    Registration of PSVs and Drivers will continue at Kitante Primary and Old Kampala SS Grounds.

2.    The registration will be based on Parks of operation.

3.    Two members from Stage Leadership and a member from the Taxi Associations will be represented at the registration points.

4.    Requirements include:

§   A copy of the motor vehicle logbook

§   Owner’s National Identification Card

§   Driver’s Driving Permit and National ID

§   An application for a Route

5.    Applicants shall maintain their most recent route of operation.

6.    KCCA will establish a complaint’s Desk at the two registration points.

7.    Registration will continue for two weeks to 30th June 2020.

8.    A public Transport Joint Management Committee will be formed to guide on all operations of Public Transport in the City.

9.    Joint sensitization of the Public on new public transport reforms.

10.  City PSV Taxis still stuck upcountry be allowed to return starting 4th June

  2020 but without passengers.


All Ministry of Health SOPs shall apply to PSVs, passengers, stages and public transport parks and terminals.


The table below summarizes key activities to be undertaken during the grace period.




·   Sensitization for Inspection of Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) at SGS

Voluntary testing 6 months 1st Jan 2021 mandatory with PSV license renewal


·  Booking system to be available for inspection of vehicles

Six (6) months from 1st July 2020


· Registration and Issuance of Route Number

Starting from 29th May 2020


· Verification of the PSV and the Driving Permit

Starting from 29th May 2020


·  Allocation of Route Chart (By issuance of a Temporary Route Chart valid up to 31st Dec. 2020)

Starting from 29th May 2020


· Allocation of Permanent Route Chart upon payment of park user fees

Six months’ voluntary payment starting now. From 1st Jan 2021, it will be mandatory.




In the case of Buses, they should report directly to Ministry of Works and transport for guidance.

The table below summarizes key activities to be undertaken during the grace period.

·  Sensitization of all bus operators on SOPs

Starting 29th May 2020


· Sensitization of Bus Terminal Management

Starting 29th May 2020


· Inspection of all buses at SGS

By 4th June 2020


· Verification, renewal and issuance of PSVs for Buses

By 4th June 2020


·  Verification of PSV Driver Badges

By 4th June 2020



Boda Bodas

The Boda Bodas play a critical role in transporting a good number of people in the city but they need to be regulated to enhance the safety of the public. Government is in the process of finalizing the extent of a Boda Boda free zone and the gazetting of Boda Boda stages in the City. Future Boda Boda operations will also be subjected to Standard Operating Procedures. Gazetting of stages and their return to the city will be communicated in due course.

At the moment, Boda Bodas will continue to carry luggage and maintain the curfew time as per the Presidential Directive.


As of today, 5th June 2020, over 3,444 taxis plying different routes in the country have been registered.


Registration schedule

Kitante Primary School

Old Kampala S.S

Tentative Registration Dates


New Taxi Park

1st June

4th June

7th June

10th June

Nakawa/ Namayiba

Kisenyi /  Namirembe

2nd June

5th June

8th June

11th June

Old Taxi park


3rd June

6th June

9th June

12th June




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