The Paris Agreement​ was a universal achievement for our common good, emphasizing the role each one of us has to play to make our Planet Earth great again.  Built on the tenets of the Paris Agreement, the Kampala Climate Change Action plan recognizes the value of Leading by Example, be it as government institutions, civil society, private companies or as individuals, in achieving this great goal.

It is for this reason therefore that KCCA has partnered with the The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and the Embassy of France in Uganda to launch the inaugural edition of the DIPLO4CLIMATE campaign and competition aimed at promoting green actions among the diplomatic corps  in Uganda.

DIPLO4CLIMATE therefore aims to involve the diplomatic corps present in Uganda in taking active measures to reduce their ecological footprint towards building a sustainable Kampala.

Join us on our journey for a Better and Sustainable City.


To involve the diplomatic corps present in Uganda in taking new measures of reducing their impact on the climate change and environment or enhancing good practices that prevent climate change negative impacts and preserve the biodiversity.

Who can participate?

The candidatures for the first edition of DIPLO4CLIMATE are open to all foreign representatives having carried out “green actions” between 1st January 2018 and 31st   October 2018. 

How to participate/application process

The foreign representatives wishing to participate in the DIPLO4CLIMATE​ 2018 competition have until 18th June 2018 to declare their interest by filling out this Registration Form and send it by e-mail to the KCCA​ focal points: emasereka@kcca.go.ug; enakazzi@kcca.go.ug.

The participating missions will then have until 5th November 2018 to submit their Final Project Evaluation Form via the same procedure above for assessment by a jury that will be constituted for this purpose.


The projects that can be undertaken will particularly target the following areas: Energy, Water, Waste management, Transport/mobility, Biodiversity. This list is not exhaustive and any action can be implemented with one or several sponsors.

Winner selection & Award

The winner selection will be done by a jury comprising of eminent members from KCCA, NGOs, Ministers and Office of the Prime Minister. A symbolic award will be handed over to the Embassy or Consulate that will have taken numerous and relevant engagements and concrete actions during 2018. This reward will be given during an official ceremony at the French Residence co-hosted with the Dean of the Diplomatic corps and KCCA at the anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many categories can be chosen?
    You may chose as many categories as you want.
  2. Where have the projects to be implemented?
    Projects have to be implemented at your embassy/consulate/development agency and/or at your employees’ residences. Buildings and gardens are allowable. The idea is to take measures at home, in our everyday lives.
  3. When have the projects to be implemented?
    The projects have to be implemented at any time before October 31st.
  4. What kinds of projects are expected?
    Any project that reduces your environmental impact is a relevant one. Here are some not exhaustive examples:
    - Energy: replacement of old light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs, installing presence detectors and timers, prioritizing renewable sources of energy, setting up solar panels, favoring natural ventilation over air-conditioning, etc.
    - Water: collecting rainwater for the watering of the garden, sensitizing employees to water-saving behaviors, installing dual-flush toilets, etc.
    - Waste: waste sorting, including paper, plastic, metal, glass and organic waste, replacing plastic cups with proper glasses or cups, campaign against intensive printing, etc.
    - Mobility: limiting usage of cars, replacing big 4WD with electric vehicles, etc.
    - Biodiversity: planting endemic species, training gardeners to green gardening, growing vegetables, finding ways to host more animals, composting green waste, installing beehives, building nest boxes for birds, etc.
    - General: organizing workshops with employees to raise awareness on various matters, etc.
  5. How will the applications be assessed?
    The applications will be assessed by a jury of eminent members from various sectors: government, local authorities, academics, companies, etc. The exact constitution will be communicated later.
    The jury will be particularly attentive to the efforts put in the project, to the involvement of employees and to the environmental impact of the project.
  6. What will the rewards be?
    Certificates, from gold to bronze, will be awarded to the projects whose impact is the most significant.
    Participation certificates will be awarded to the remaining projects, to promote their participation to this
    pioneering challenge.
  7. What happens next?
    We shall take time to share ideas, advice and recommendations on what each of us has done. The
    ambition is to create a community of green missions and agencies in Kampala, to create synergies
    towards Diplo4Climate 201

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