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English: East Indian Rosebay, Moon Beam, Pinwheel Flower, Ceylon Jasmine, Crepe Jasmine, Crepe Gardenia, Adam's Apple, Nero's Crown, Coffee Rose.

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Tabernaemontana divaricata

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+ Ecology

Native to Himalaya to China (S. Yunnan) and Indo-China. Grape jasmine is found in Montane brushwoods, sparse forests; at elevations of 100 - 1,600 meters. It’s a plant of tropical and subtropical areas, growing at low to medium elevations. It Succeeds in full sun to partial shade, prefers a fertile, moist but well-drained soil and the plant can flower all year round.

+ Description

Grape jasmine is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing from 0.5 - 5 meters tall

BARK: Not Showy, Smooth

LEAVES: Dark green, glossy leaves are oval with a wavy leaf margin, measuring about 15 cm long and 5 cm wide.

FLOWERS: White, fragrant 5-petaled flowers are shaped like pinwheels, petal tips are twisted to the left in a counterclockwise direction.

FRUIT: an inconspicuous dry and hard pod.

+ Uses

Medicine: Roots, leaves, flowers, latex. http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php id=Tabernaemontana+divaricata

Agroforestry: makes an attractive flowering hedge.

The pulp around the seeds is used as a red dye.

The wood is used as an incense and in perfumery.

The wood is used to make charcoal.

+ Propagation

Seed, Cuttings.

+ Management

Pruning, Trimming.

+ Remarks

All parts of the plant are poisonous. The plant is cultivated as an ornamental almost throughout the tropics and subtropics for its attractive and fragrant flowers.

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