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Luganda- dialect Buddu: Nkoba, nkobakoba.

+ Tree Species

Baikiaea insignis

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+ Ecology

One of two Baikiaea in East Africa, this species is found in lowland rain forest from Cameroon to Angola. In Uganda it grows in the swamp forests of Sango Bay, in Mabira Forest with Beilschmiedia and riparian along Ishasha river. It extends along the western shore of Lake Victoria as far as Bukoba District. In Kampala, Baikiaea insignis can be found within Makerere university, Kitante secondary school, at Yusuf Lule, Tufnell among other places.

+ Description

A handsome evergreen tree to 35 m with a straight trunk and a small dense crown. The bole commonly 50 cm and can reach 1 m, without buttresses.

BARK: grey-brown, smooth or lightly fissured and thin.

LEAVES: pinnate, on stalks 4-17 cm, the leaflets usually 5-9 cm each one stalked and more or less alternate, long oval, stiff and leathery, variable in size 6-18 cm long, veins not clear, the tip is more blunt than pointed.

FLOWERS: terminal, arranged on stalks to 8 cm, 4 thick sepals in bud, covered with brown hairs, 4 large white petals 6-10 cm and one narrower pale yellow petal, edges wavy, 9 plus 1 stamen with prominent 2-cm long anthers.

FRUIT: woody flat pods hanging down, about 25 cm long and 7 cm wide, slightly curved. They are covered with dense brown hairs and break open explosively at both edges, twisting spirally to set free thin dark red seeds, rounded and flat, about 3.5 cm long.

+ Uses

The wood is used for fuel and to make charcoal.

The wood is used for flooring, heavy construction (if treated), furniture components, joinery, shelving etc.

An ornamental tree.

Provides shade.

+ Propagation


+ Management

Slow growing. Coppicing while young, pollarding.

+ Remarks

The timber is suitable for joinery, cheap furniture and shelving but must be treated with preservatives against borers. It is pale brown, moderately hard, heavy and strong.

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