PUBLISHED — 15th, February 2024

In a bid to enhance service delivery and foster a sense of unity among staff members, Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), met with the staff of Makindye Division.

The meeting aimed to instill a renewed sense of commitment towards achieving KCCA’s vision of a Vibrant, Attractive, and Sustainable city.

During the session on Thursday, Kisaka reiterated KCCA's vision of creating a Smart City and emphasized the importance of delivering quality services to the residents of Kampala.

She outlined the core values of client care, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and excellence, urging staff members to embody these values in their daily activities.

"Teamwork is crucial; you are the brand ambassadors of KCCA. Together, we can achieve more and deliver better services to our city," Kisaka emphasized.

Thomas Ssentongo, the Town Clerk of Makindye Division, provided insights into the division's ongoing projects and highlighted the division's healthy working relationship between political and technical teams.

He commended the collaborative efforts and underscored the importance of maintaining this positive dynamic.

Grace Akullo, the Director of Human Resource and Administration, stressed the significance of regular staff meetings to foster teamwork and cohesion. She encouraged staff to overcome any perceived barriers to communication with the headquarters, emphasizing the accessibility of senior management.

"Conflict of interest should be avoided at all costs to ensure the smooth functioning of our operations," Akullo advised.

In response, staff members expressed appreciation for the conducive working environment created by the leadership of KCCA. Paul, a staff member, commended the Executive Director for implementing initiatives such as medical insurance and improving working relationships within the organization.

The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment from staff members to uphold the values of KCCA and work collectively towards the realization of a Smart City.

With a clear vision, cohesive teamwork, and dedication to quality service delivery, Makindye Division aims to contribute significantly to the advancement of Kampala as a modern, efficient, and sustainable urban center.​

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