PUBLISHED — 29th, September 2020






  • The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Uganda Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda
  • The Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs
  • Honorable Ministers
  • Your Excellences and Heads of Missions present
  • Your Worship the Lord Mayor Kampala City and the Deputy Lord Mayor,
  • The Executive Director National Planning Authority
  • Our distinguished Division leadership; Mayors, The Speaker and Deputy Speaker, The Division Councilors
  • The Team Leader Cities for Infrastructure Growth Program Uganda, and your team
  • The consultants from Cardinal Management consulting and Strategia Worldwide,
  • The KCCA Senior Management Team and Staff
  • Distinguished partners, friends and City residents joining the event via Zoom

Rt. Hon Prime Minister, I greet you and warmly welcome you to Kampala Capital City Hall. We thank you for coming to officiate at the launch of the five-year roadmap for KCCA. Many of our staff are following the proceedings online and they welcome you

The launch of this strategic plan signals a day of new beginnings, a day to galvanize our collective strength and build the Kampala we want. At KCCA, we recognize the enabling environment that the Government of Uganda has provided for developing the Capital City. We are concertedly building on this flywheel momentum to realize a Vibrant, Attractive and Resilient City.

The Government has given us a great task to be good stewards of Kampala City. Let me illustrate this with numbers.

Kampala is set on seven hills and plays host to all the 54 tribes of Uganda that arrive in Kampala through the four gates, Kawempe in the North, Nakawa in the East, Makindye in the South and Rubaga in the west.

We have five divisions each with a fully-fledged administrative structure; with Mayors, Councillors, Town clerks and KCCA staff.

We have an estimate of 4 million people as our day to day population and approx. 2 Million residents by night. Kampala is a business hub with over 140,000 business establishments including health and education institutions.

We have 84 city markets bursting with fresh organic food from the country side. We collect over 2000 tons of rubbish daily. We are host to over 5000 religious worship centres which have remained silent during the lockdown.

Kampala is also a great tourist attraction with many scenic sights. One of them is right here at City Hall. The Lord Mayor’s Parlour was set up in 1950 by Sir John Harthon Hall, complete with gardens and a cocktail pad. We have preserved its major historical architecture and we hope that in the years to come, our many Kampala guests will make time to visit it. The main building was set up in 1964

KCCA total stewardship in assets is well over approx. 550 billion.

We thank the government of Uganda for entrusting us with this great stewardship. Kampala is a major player in the National Economy contributing over 65% of the GDP.

Our team of over 1000 members of staff are engaged at various stations serving Kampala.

We as a leadership team always endeavour to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us, and we will aim at multiplying that which we have received, like the proverbial parable of the talents

Today we are here to launch the strategic plan 2020-2025. KCCA as a Government entity is mandated to meet its statutory obligation of preparing Five-year Development Plans as provided for in the law

The Consultants and KCCA Strategy Management Unit have worked for the last twelve months through a stakeholder consultative process that has included: Political leadership, Urban Division leadership, Government Ministries Agencies and Department, development partners, Private Sector community, slum dwellers, KCCA Directorate engagements, and use of social media networks to solicit for ideas and concerns from the Kampala residents

The Strategy has also been informed by:

  1. The achievements of the past years
  2. The projects and programs that have already been set in motion, including;
  • The Physical Development Plan, 2013
  • The Drainage Master Plan, 2016
  • The Transport Master Plan, 2018
  • The Sanitation Improvement and Financing Strategy, 2020 – 2030
  • Public Healthcare Strategic Plan, 2020/21 – 2024/25
  • The Smart City Strategic Plan 2020/21 – 2024/25
  • The Disaster Risk and Climate Change Resilience Strategy, 2020/21 -2024/25

The plan is hinged on four pillars that is Economic growth, Governance and Citizens engagement, Quality of Life and City Resilience. Rt. Hon. we have particularly highlighted Governance and citizens’ engagement because our administrative structures require much consultation on both technical and political issues. We are currently grappling with the practicalities of devolution to enable the five city divisions actualise the aspirations in the new law. We thank the legislature for passing the Kampala Capital City Amendment Act of 2020 which has enhanced the earlier law of 2010.

We have identified that City dwellers issues include the need to create wealth, to have jobs, ease of doing business, the need for safety of persons and property, the need for secure trading spaces, a supportive infrastructure, clean and quiet neighbourhoods. The failure to meet these needs frustrates City dwellers. We will therefore work through the various pillars in the strategic plan to meet these needs. 

Let me end with a common saying, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint, where there no vision the people walk in darkness

I have looked forward to this day because its s significant beginning of a new cycle

Each cycle of a strategic plan represents new beginnings but a plan is useless unless you work the plan. We invite city dwellers and all Ugandans, development partners to work with us. Here is the plan, let’s all find our slot and implement it. This is the vision, let us run with it. It’s a day we commit once again that we are bigger than our differences. Here at KCCA we have many political persuasions but we work harmoniously together.

I thank you Rt. Hon for being with us today to launch this strategic Plan and for the support of the NRM Government to facilitate its implementation. I thank you Hon Minister and your distinguished guests for providing us with good leadership. I thank the Lord Mayor and the Councilors and all division leaders.

Finally, I thank the KCCA Management, and in particular, the Strategy Management team and KCCA staff, you are a great team and together we shall develop the City

I thank you, For a Better City

Get downloadable version here https://bit.ly/2HAYN1v

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