The KCCA Environment Management Unit under the Directorate of Public Health and Environment provides an oversight role in; planning, coordinating, compliance monitoring, technical guidance and enforcement to ensure sustainable Infrastructure, Spatial planning and social economic development which enhances environmental quality in Kampala City.

Overall, Environmental Management offers a cross-sectoral technical supporting role through the following core functions;

  1. Environmental compliance technical assistance, Monitoring and enforcement for proposed, ongoing and existing city developments/projects
  2. To guide and streamline control of pollution and management of domestic and industrial waste including hazardous material
  3. To Implement sound and sustainable Natural resources (Water, wetlands, forests and biodiversity) conservation and management
  4. Develop and implement a public/community participation action plan in environment management
  5. Develop proposals, implement and participate in environmental management basic and applied research to inform strategic decisions and policy
  6. Provide technical support to KCCA in integrating Best practices of Environmental Management and Climate Change in Infrastructure development, gender and community services, spatial planning, Education and other key city development projects

Urban Environmental Profile


The National Environment (Audit) Regulations, 2006
The National Environment (Standards for Discharge of Effluent into Water or on Land) Regulations
The Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation
The National Forestry and Tree Planting Act
The National Environment (Hilly And Mountainous Area Management) Regulations
The National Environment (Management Of Ozone Depleting Substances And Products) Regulations
The National Environment (Minimum Standards For Management Of Soil Quality) Regulations
The Mining Act
The National Environment Act
The National Environment (Noise Standards And Control) Regulations
The Public Health Act
The Water Act
The Water (Waste Disharge) Regulations
The National Environment (Waste Management) Regulations
The National Environment (Wetlands, River Banks And Lake Shores Management) Regulations

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