KCCA’s annual Festival will have an additional special element to the party celebration. Uganda, is Chair this year for the UN Committee on Climate Change and this accords us another opportunity to drum up climate matters.
At KCCA we are proud to be piloting an integrated process to engage all stakeholders in climate change – the private sector, civil society and public service providers. By raising awareness and discussing the key issues involved we will find solutions and create new opportunities for business and social enterprise. We invite you to partner with us to move this forward so we are able to present our model at the COP 21 Global Summit taking place in Paris this December.
All Festival participants and visitors alike will be tasked to become more environmentally aware as we celebrate the amazing colours of our city. We will be promoting responsible enjoyment which does not harm our city as we strive to practice what we preach.
For sponsors there are a wide range of opportunities for partnership – such as: growing the green economy, competitions, fashion show, drama and musical performances as well as exhibitions to showcase renewable energies and environmental protection. We also welcome your innovations to support this event which will be a leading example in the region promoting our long term objective of becoming a sustainable city and regional business hub.

Development partners